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Your Delicious Chinese Food From Desi Cooks is Here!

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July 19, 2019
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Chinese cuisines represent the glorious culture of the nation’s 5000 year old history. Due to its wide variety, it is considered to be one of the top three cuisines of the world. Today, you can taste the delectable Chinese cuisines not only in restaurants but also at home. So for those with food on their minds, especially Chinese food, could place a food order from Desi Cooks and indulge themselves to the heart’s content.

Great Collection of Chinese Food Dishes

Be it planning a party or a quick answer for your carvings, Chinese meal is something that instantly pops in our mind. Desi Cooks offers a wide selection of veg and non-veg Chinese dishes that are delightfully appetizing. However, there are a lot of food delivery chains in the city which offers Chinese Cuisines, but Desi Cooks is one of the best food delivery service outlets that offers classic Chinese cuisines at reasonable rates. They deliver hot food right in front of you, satiating your hunger even during the wee hours.

Whether your favourite is Hakka Noodles, Manchurian, Fried Rice or Chicken Momos, Chicken Lollipops and Spring Roll, you can have all of them delivered to you by Desi Cooks. Not only you are assured to be greeted with spice, but you’ll be surprised to see the magical combination of best possible ingredients. And here are only a few of the cuisines from Desi Cooks Chinese Menu:

Cheese Chilly Dry

Cheese Chilly Dry is another Chinese cuisine that makes Chinese dishes more succulent. Moreover, when you order from Desi Cooks, you get the quick delivery and decent packaging. To top it all, they also offer great discounts so that you always get your food at a price that is comparatively low than other neighbourhood food outlets.


When it comes to choosing a perfect meal, Chowmein is the most desired cuisine, which treats your cravings with its delicious taste. This is the only one dish that one can think of eating any time of the day. In fact, on a lazy day, you may want to laze around, sit back and relax, and need your meals served at your doorstep, just pick up your phone and order something to eat from Desi Cooks Chinese food Menu. Once you order from this food delivery chain, you will be surprised to see their wonderful service.

Chilly Chicken and Cheese Chilly Gravy

Cheese Chilly Gravy version is for vegetarians as they would also not want to be left out of all the delicious goodness. And Chilly Chicken is basically fried chicken nuggets saute in a thick tangy sauce.

For transforming perfect meals to happy meals, Desi Cooks brings out cuisines that are pocket-friendly, fresh and yummy cooked every time. So for all foodies out there, plan your parties and get together to relish the taste of your most loved cuisines.   

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