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Best Food Delivery Service for crushing your hunger Cravings

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August 24, 2019
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You’re hungry, but you’re also too busy with your work that you seldom get any time to cook or treat someone at your homes. However, with the increasing number of food delivery near me chains, getting access to a satisfying meal is not difficult anymore. But still, sometimes we wonder which is the best food delivery service nearby. With the wide food home delivery network, you will no longer need to ask yourself,

Is there any option to order food delivery near me?

Yes, you can search by write food delivery near me, you will get the best food home delivery services near Tricity. The time once spent in planning meals, finding recipes, strolling up and down the aisles of a busy supermarket is being won back. All thanks to online food outlets that are centred on convenience. They’re doing all of the hard work for you to keep your belly satisfied without the hassle of leaving a home. From favourite hole-in-the-wall joints to upscale restaurants, you can order almost any cuisine straight from your kitchen to your front door.

Desi Cooks is one such place that’s all about the delicious food and efficient service. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s there for all your food needs. They understand your stress and are always eager to give you the healthy and appetising meal you need.

What’s the Big Idea?

Coined as the smartest way to create flavours, Desi Cooks delivers high quality, fresh and healthy food at reasonable prices.

What Do You Need To Know?

Prepared by seasoned chefs, food is 100% free from any harmful ingredients and artificial flavours. These meals are made from fresh and local ingredients. Their meal plan starts from as high as Rs. 650 to as low as Rs. 140. They give you the most flexible delivery options, you choose the time that suits you, and they’ll deliver the neatly packed fresh meals to your doorstep, which makes Desi Cook, the best food delivery service in Tricity. Most noteworthy feature here is that the meal they deliver is microwave friendly too.

How It Delivers a Complete Meal Plan?

Based on your choice, you could be starting your day with roasted mushrooms, enjoying Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani or Paneer Butter Masala with Kalaunji Butter Naan for lunch, and looking forward to Lemon Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup just for your dinner. They also offer a range of meal bundles, snacks and sweet dishes, ideal for filling your tummy.

Benefits in Terms of Convenience

Desi Cooks is established with a simple psychological appeal – a promise to buy you time and save you effort. Their list of 3 specific benefits in terms of convenience are:


It is fast and easy to acquire. Your meal is delivered to you at your location within a short time, making it easy to eat well wherever and whenever you’re hungry.


Since Desi cooks is known for food home delivery, It makes fast and easy to choose from the variety of cuisines given with prices. According to your budget and taste, you’re free to decide what to order.


It becomes fast and easy to re-purchase after you place your first order. All the details like address and payment are saved to help you re-order in a matter of seconds.

Desi Cooks makes ordering easy, affordable and convenient for the seekers of “food delivery near me”. It literally takes a few seconds to order and your meal arrives hot and yummy. This best food delivery service simply brings comfort, home-style and delicious meal straight to your door.

To treat your tastebuds call +91 97807-97807, we are delivering in Zirakpur, Mohali & Kharar.

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