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3 Instances When You Shouldn’t Feel Hungry

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August 2, 2019
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There is a right time and place for everything if you are feeling hungry. But the majority of people fail to stop hunger pangs and rumbling tummies at wrong times like dinner in late night. Through deep digging and poking, we listed down some instances on inappropriate cravings.

Being Awake Early On Sunday Morning

This could be the craziest predicament under this list. Just imagine you wake up fully conscious on Sunday morning, which is rarely found but may prevail occasionally. This is an innocent hint that you’ve nothing to eat at breakfast and in the mean time, your appetite wastes no time to soar up.

You’re at An Official Dinner

This is an occasion when all employees are well dressed up, happy and extremely interactive. The cravings at this time are driven by different factors. A strong urge to disturb the corporate machine takes over our stomach and leave the perpetrator red-faced, ultimately leading to guilt and pride. For instance, you may ask for a whole meat platter with extra bacon, extra vegetables, mushrooms and two rounds of dessert in dinner. This may be the scenario.

You Had a Stressful Workday

Cold rage, frequent sighs, mental panic and like the universe is conspiring to make your day even more stressful. If you just want to come out of this situation, there is one method that is a solution to all these choice related disappointments. That is, buying a little flavour and eating everything up in just one go. This will give you a sigh of relief!

Clubbing With Friends

You may fall into the category of people who are introvert and shudder at the thought of clubbing. During the off days, they want something nice and quiet. But the problem here is that the feeling of left behind by one’s peers causes the sharp spell of anxiety, thus dragging the victim to look for comfort in questionable high quantities of food. What’s your type?

These instances are mere for your pleasure to help things out if anyone of you faces the similar situation.

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