Come Fall in Love Again With Our Healthy & Delicious Momos!

For those who love this Chinese cuisine like anything, this post is going to make you fell in love with tasty momos again. Here the word again is used because you might have certainly stopped eating momos after realizing its immense notoriety in recent times. So, this post is going to shed some light on the fact that these are not a silent killer at all. Yes, you heard it right. You might be wondering, how is this even possible? But what if we say, that momos can be healthy and delicious at the same time. That’s possible if this delicious cuisine is prepared using only healthier and 100% organic ingredients without adding a deadly element – Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), which is sold by a brand name Ajinomoto.

This is an artificial flavoring agent primarily used to enhance the taste in several food dishes such as momos. Other than that, there has always been debate over the use of refined flour, poor quality ingredients and unhygienic kitchen. So, should you never try this classic dish again? Desi Cooks say a big NO! Because we make it using only 100% natural ingredients in a hygienic kitchen ensuring that we serve the safest meal to you.

How We Make Eating Momos Healthier?

Unlike other Chinese food services, Desi Cooks does not use bleached refined flour or any other artificial agent to impart the soft texture or enhance the taste of this succulent savoury. We use only healthier alternatives and natural taste enhancers. Moreover, we use only fresh vegetables and chicken after washing them properly.

Aside from the quality of meat and vegetables, the vegetable or chicken content used for filling is just as appropriate to make it a healthy food option.

This is just to make sure that the food you eat is completely safe to consume. Thus, if you’re a lover of momos, you have all the right reasons to order this scrumptious cuisine from Desi Cooks.

We’re not a harbinger of a deadlier meal, we’re a savior of a good health!

3 Momos Recipes You Can Taste at Home

Vegetable Momos

A diverse variety of sauteed vegetables lightly seasoned with spices makes it a most versatile form. Being a mesmerized food, veg momos are the most popular savoury dumplings. Try these cute veg ones at least once, you’re sure to get tantalized by the burst of flavours and textures in each bite.

Chicken Momos

A plate of hot chicken momos with the rain outside your window is a combination to die for. It is a delicious snack made up of simple and flavourful minced chicken mixture. Bring this delicious snack right at your door.

Chilli Sauce

It is a great condiment on the side of any meal, which adds a final dash of flavor to any sort of momos. Chilli Sauce is perfect to add a spicy twist to everything in your cooking.

These juicy along with a bowl of soup (see different varieties available in our menu) can prove to be soulful. And at Desi Cooks, you’re sure to receive the best soul food and the finest Chinese food service.

So, what are you waiting for? Call on 97807 97807, to place your order and satiate your appetite with our healthy and tasty momos.