6 Tricks On How To Order Healthy Food From a Meal Delivery Service

Ordering in is one of the great joys of life. But, some meal delivery service providers often serve more convenient and calorie dense meal. Not to mention that those monster sized meals can spell disaster for your waistline. No way should you’ve to fret about it, though, not when you follow the tips described below:

Start Off With A Soup

A cup of soup loaded with veggies or some lean meat like chicken is a really solid entree option. You can try Veg Soup, Chicken Hot N Sour Soup and Sweet Corn Soup to get some fiber and other nutrients into your meal which starts to fill you up. This is one of the hidden secrets of how you can stay lean and skinny. Choose the one with clear broth and skip over the cream-based options.

Pick Healthy Protein

Choose foods that are prepared using healthier cooking methods such as roasted, braised or grilled. Some meals that don’t have much-added fat and are high in proteins include Chicken, Vegetable Seekh and Roasted Paneer Mushrooms. The delicacies prepared this way are a healthier option to crush your cravings. Although, chefs aren’t going to add rich sauces, always ask about the preparation methods.

Avoid The Fancy Drinks

Never order exotic mix drinks, they include sugary additions that only add up the calories. Instead, you can order soup for your main meal to have a filling meal that’s low in calories.

Share Food With Others

Sharing the main dish is always the best bet. Ordering too much food may seem like a good value, but it’s really no bargain when it comes to your health. This is a simple trick to reduce your calorie intake and is especially useful if you’re a dessert lover. As mentioned in #1 point, you can each start off with soup. This way you get enough food in a right portion size, which doesn’t only save your money but also gauge your calories. Yes, portion control matters.

Do Some Research

If you’re strictly following your diet, it is good to read the menu before you decide to order something. You can also look for nutritional information ahead of time so as to make the healthiest choice. Take some time to plot your meal strategy and you can save yourself from huge calorie splurge.

Don’t Go For Appetisers

Appetisers can double your calorie count along with full day’s worth of sodium and fat. Don’t ever add fatty appetisers, instead order something extra that you can store in your fridge for tomorrow’s lunch or a healthy snack.

While you’ve your meal right in front of you if it looks like a super-sized, pick out an appropriate portion of your plate and keep the rest in the fridge. From the deceptively innocent starters to the sinful oversized entrees, ordering in really can explode into a nightmare for anyone. But, if you put a keen eye on what you eat, a meal delivery service can sometimes feel like tiptoeing around nutritional land mines.

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