5 Reasons to Experience the Delight of Ordering Food This Eid with Desi Cooks

When we think of Eid, it’s almost impossible to not have our thoughts drift towards delicious Biryani, delectable kebabs and the traditional chicken tariwala amongst other cuisines. While you may be thinking of visiting mecca for Ramadan food, but let’s face it. You’re not always brave to face the crowd and the rain to treat your taste buds to these delicacies. More often, you’ve a little energy to stand in long waiting lines.

So to save you from over enthusiastic crowd and to go on your Eid shopping spree tension free, Desi Cooks has introduced the online food delivery service to bring the food right to your haven. Because, whatever be the reason, missing out on such mouth-watering food is not an option. Here is a list of some reasons of why you should order in than to dine out this Eid:

1. You won’t have to take stress

food stressAs the temperature is rising with each passing day, going out for a meal can be a tough task. Even heat waves and power outages leave us with little energy to cook in the kitchen. While you sleep in peace, Desi Cooks can have your food delivered at your doorstep.

2. Your Ammi needs a break

This Eid you can help your Ammi stay in good mode by ordering food from Desi Cooks. Trust us, break from a kitchen is really a good mood therapy.

3. Save your time for other things


For that long trip to your tailor and to ensure a perfect Eid Jora, it would be best to order food from food delivery outlet. Moreover, this will give time to pamper yourself with skin treatments to look picture perfect at any Iftar party.


4. You get time for uninterrupted Fun

Want to invite over friends and family on this Eid? If that’s not the case, you may want to watch all Ramazan show drama with your friends wishing that you won’t have to cook the food. Fret not, Desi Cooks will have you covered.

5. Try different foods with great Eid deals fruit-custard-eid

Indulging your taste buds with different foods without having to trouble the lady of the house is always a good idea. You can have the joy of hot delivered food to experience the lavish Eid treats. Also, if you’re looking for meals for a steal, then Desi Cooks is the indulgent stopover. Here, you’re sure to get the deals that you can’t resist.