4 Chinese Dishes That Calls for Home Delivery Food in Zirakpur

What could be more better than to give a farewell to yourself with Desi Cooks beloved option of Home delivery food in Zirakpur: Chinese. Place Chinese food order online from Desi Cooks and find yourself at the Great Wall of China. Here are a few picks from our long list of Chinese cuisines that you can’t stop drooling over.

1. Honey Crispy Chilli Chicken

Desi Cooks presents you with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. No, it’s not a lie and perhaps it can be delivered to your door. You don’t even need to chase rainbow for that. Battered chicken wings covered in sweet and sticky honey is a great dish for special occasions or a quick supper. Desi Cooks crispy honey chilli chicken is the pot of gold you’ve been craving for.

Honey Crispy Chilli Chicken

2. Spring Rolls

If any food delivery chain is devoid of the holy grain of deep-fried goodies, should it be called as a food service? These crispy vegetable appetizers are an ideal way to start any meal to leave you rolling around with happiness. Hence, grab them and make sure you dig into them quickly.

Spring Rolls

3. Momos

Desi Cooks has momos for both the veggies and non-veggies. Veg momos are potli shaped steamed dumplings stuffed with mixed vegetables that serve as a delicious snack meal. Whereas for our friends who love chicken, we have a plate of chicken momos that makes as a perfect eat with rain outside your window. So, whether you want a lighter option to start your day or need to watch your weight without making big sacrifices to your enjoyment of meal time, momos from Desi Cooks makes for a mouthful of yummy.


4. Noodles or Chowmein

You may be one of us who struggles to make decisions when it comes to what to online food order in Mohali, noodles will come to your rescue thanks to it really delivering in the protein department – Desi Cooks has all your favorite options right from veg noodles, hakka noodles, garlic noodles in Chinese veg and chicken noodles, chicken hakka noodles and chicken garlic noodles in Chinese non-veg. Also, these noodles can be perfectly complemented with sauce to give you a really good time.

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